Gluten Free Girl and the Chef are coming to Colorado!

It's official, the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef are making their way to Colorado! I am particularly excited about  next weeks events because Shauna Ahern's book, Gluten Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back...and How You Can Too  resonated with me and brought me hope after my Celiac diagnosis. It was given to me by a special friend in New Mexico, and was the very first book I read after my diagnosis. If you are in Colorado next week, this will be an amazing time.  

Luckily for me, I live in Boulder where the giant pot-luck party will take place. It's heartwarming to know that I am going to a BIG gathering where all the food will be gluten-free and most likely be very delicious...Boulder was named the "foodiest" town in America! Any thoughts on what I should take to the pot-luck? Maybe muffins...

The Boulder Party/Event Info:
Saturday, November 20th at 1 pm
First Congregational Church
1128 Pine Street, Boulder, CO 80302 
Bring a dish of your favorite gluten-free food! (Please label it with all the ingredients inside, so people with other food allergies can eat safely as well.) If you can, bring some plates, forks, knives, and napkins. We're having a party.  
For all Colorado Events, check out Shauna's website

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