Traveling Gluten Free: La Jolla, California

Traveling Gluten Free in La Jolla, California

The hubby and I are celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss (5 1/2 of those being gluten free)! We try to always do something special for our anniversary, however simple or small it may be. Last year, we had splendid plans to lounge on the beach, drink mojitos and take in the sunsets of the West Coast. Low and behold that plan was derailed due to extreme nausea from baby #2 cooking up in my belly! We ended up staying home, watching tv and having take out :) It was special and perfect. This year we spent a week in La Jolla, CA at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. It was an incredible family vacation and we made sure to cheers a couple times to our beautiful family and our September anniversary.

Although, I did the majority of cooking in our small kitchen at the hotel or we picnicked at the beach we did manage a few meals out. I have found it is easier to cook at our hotel with small kiddos and having Celiac. But when we did eat out, the options were delicious and I never got sick/glutened.

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in La Jolla

1. Puesto! Was a good option for fresh Mexican fare. I had the carnitas bowl with a side of corn tortillas and crab guacamole. It was so much food I had it for dinner the next night! All natural meats, fresh homemade salsa and tasty ingredients! GF is listed on the menu.

2. A Shore thing Cafe had gluten free wraps that are probably the best wraps I've ever had. We had them for lunch 2 days in a row. They changed gloves and took extra precautions when told I have celiac.

3. Gelato is necessary on a hot day in Southern California. We hit up Bobboi Natural Gelato. This place makes some of the best gelato I've ever tasted. Using unique flavors and fresh ingredients, including fresh fruit from the farmers market, this is a place you must check out at least once. Plus the decor is just darling! Make sure to specify you have an "allergy" and they can use a clean scoop to get the gelato out of a new bucket/container (took a little explaining) but it all worked out in the end.

4. The Counter is a burger joint that is not to be missed (assuming you are flying in/out of southwest terminal at San Diego Airport). They are so good at keeping cross-contamination at bay. My toppings all came from separate and clean containers and the burgers and sweet potato fries (fried in clean fryer) are tasty!!

We look forward to visiting La Jolla again. Great weather, great food, beautiful sunsets.  Until then it's already winter...umm... I mean Autumn in Colorado :)

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