Gluten Free in Norway...traveling with Celiac Disease

Traveling to a new place can be scary. I do countless hours of research online, looking for places to eat-out, grocery stores close to my hotel or vacation rental, and wondering if I will be able to partake in the local fare... I didn't go out to eat too many places in Norway, yet I still ate the most delicious Norwegian salmon and fresh potatoes, just like the locals. I have found that having a vacation rental with a small kitchen a necessity when traveling internationally. It's so much easier to prepare some meals and snacks at your home-base than always wondering if you can find gluten-free meal out and if that meal is going to be safe for one with Celiac Disease.

Here's a breakdown of my daily meals while out and about in Bergen and Oslo, Norway.

Yogurt and gluten free muesli (found at Meny, Coop, SPAR) and fresh fruit

gluten free Wasa crackers and cheese, carrot sticks, Toblerone chocolate or a cappuccino. I also packed some Lara and Kind bars in my suitcase just in case I was ever starving!

Max Burger and McDonalds both have gluten free buns. At Max, they are very nice and accommodating  regarding food allergies. I ended up eating Max in the Stockholm Arlanda airport in Sweden, however the Norwegian Max have the buns also.

Fresh poached or grilled salmon, boiled dutch potatoes, salad with olive oil and vinegar
the salmon is Norway was better than any salmon I've had in the US. It was so fresh, tasty, not expensive and easy to cook!


In Oslo, you must visit Bakefri. It's a 100% gluten-free bakery and cafe. The chicken salad, quiches and desserts are divine. The almond danish was the best! It was flakey, buttery, full of real almonds and oh so delicious. I cannot recommend this place enough!

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