Suki Thai Noodle House in Boulder

A few weeks ago I received a newsletter from Boulder County Celiacs. Featured was Suki Thai,  a restaurant that has almost an entirely gluten free menu (the vegetarian pad thai sauce and kids mac & cheese are not gluten free).  I was thrilled to read about a place in which the risk of cross contamination would be very slim. We headed out to have lunch at Suki Thai. The professor (who loves all things glutenous) and I were both extremely pleased with our meal;  it was simple, delicious and cheap! The food is fresh and cooked to order. Gluten free food is often more expensive and it seems these days there is always an up-charge on gluten free products in restaurants. This restaurant is across the board affordable and very tasty. It is wonderful to have a great dish for $6.50! 

                                                 Fried tofu noodle bowl with fresh veggies, 
                                                   daikon, corn, cilantro and lemongrass
                                             Chicken Pad Thai made with egg, bean sprouts, 
                                                   peanuts, scallions and fresh rice noodles
Fresh Thai iced tea

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